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Our club is dedicated to help members improve their photographic skills. The club offers programs and support for all levels of photographers.


The Sun City Center Photo Club has a fully equipped, modern facility in the multi-purpose building at 1203 N Pebble Beach Blvd, next to the lawn bowling greens. The club room is used as a digital photography work area for members, as well a teaching station for photographic arts and techniques, and also houses a fully equipped photographic studio. We have workstations with photo enhancement programs such as the latest versions of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. We also have programs for producing media shows. These programs allow members to try software and learn their capabilities before they make a personal investment. Other programs are also available for members, including software for high dynamic range photography. Members also have access to four slide scanners, which streamline the task of converting slides or negatives to images. The images can then be enhanced and saved in a variety of formats. Our Photographic Studio offers members the opportunity to work on portraiture, and still life using various lighting techniques, and our Object Studio Allows members to photographer smaller objects like jewelry and artwork in optimum lighting The club room also houses printers, including a special 17” wide carriage archival photo printer. Members are able to print photos from 4”x 6” to over 17” wide with exceptional results at a reasonable price. The room is open to members when monitors are available, usually Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until noon. Other hours are available by appointment.


The Sun City Center Photo Club meets the second Tuesday of every month in the Caper Room, located in the Atrium Building on the main campus. At 6:30 p.m., a short educational program or tutorial is presented on an aspect of photography. These sessions include valuable lessons for anyone wishing to take better pictures or to learn how to enhance their photographs. At 7:00 p.m., a short general meeting is held. Several times a year, the program is devoted to a club-wide competition with an experienced judge who evaluates and comments on each photo. This provides a learning experience for all who are in attendance. At our other meetings, an instructive speaker presents topics of interest to our members. Our speakers include many from the wider photographic community of west Florida. After the speaker, camera help is available for those who have questions about their camera or accessories and there is also an opportunity for club members to have photos critiqued by an experienced member of our group.


Small classes are offered on a variety of topics during the year for members only. These classes include basic photo-graphic skills, classes on photo enhancement programs such as Elements, programs on developing media shows, classes on working with your computer and advanced topics such as processing RAW files. Once a month, the photo lab is open for a critiquing session, where you can bring your photos and have experienced members give you suggestions for improvement. Experienced members are always willing to help others, both at the meetings and in the club room.


Sun City Center Photo Club dues are $20 annually, $30 for a household couple. The club addresses the interests and needs of all levels of photographers. The dues allow access to the Photo Lab. In addition to the extensive equipment and software, tutorial programs are also available for use in the lab. Our printers include a 17” wide format printer. Our facilities also include a fully equipped Photographic Studio and an Object Studio for use by any club member. The club offers classes, most of which are only open to club members. Once a month critiquing sessions are held and they can also assist any members who have purchased a new camera or want to know more about the advanced features of their camera. The monthly meetings offer a way for all levels of photographers to increase their skills. The meetings, which are held the second Tuesday of the month in the Caper room at 6:30 p.m. with a tutorial for 30 minutes and a short business meeting, followed by a presenter or a club competition. After the presentation, experienced members are available to critique one of your photographs or to provide camera help. Club members also receive a monthly email newsletter which provides information on club meetings, activities such as field trips and classes. All this for $20!

For more information, please call us at 813-634-3105, visit our web site or email us. We would love to hear from you.

http://www.photoclubscc.com Sun City Center Photo Club Web Site.

mail@photoclubscc.com Sun City Center Photo Club email address' 



SCC Digital Photo Club

2019 Standing Rules


1. The annual dues shall be $20.00 for an individual member or $30.00 for two members living in the same household. (See By-laws Article 3. Club Dues for details of timing.)


1. A Purchasing Committee consisting of the President, Treasurer, and Director of Facilities has the power to approve purchases up to $500.00 for each purchase.

2. The Director of Facilities has the power to approve purchases of supplies for the Photo Lab, up to $500, for an individual purchase.

3. The Treasurer may reimburse himself or herself for amounts spent, up to the amount of the Board or Purchasing Committee approved expenditures. No other Club member may reimburse himself or herself. (1/8/2019)


1. A Club member or non-club member, who is not on the Board, may be paid 70% of the class fees for teaching photography related classes. The request to be paid must be made before the class is offered. Charges for class supplies are not a part of the fees.

2. Class participation. CA stated the below listed rules are in compliance with the S.C.C. CA rules as of Sept 2015. The Education Manager determines the specifics of each class.

1) We have some classes that are open to Club members only.

2) We have some free classes that we allow S. C. C./KP/FP residents but non- Club members to attend if their attendance allows the enrollment to meet the minimum students required to hold the class.

3) We have some classes that we charge for and allow S. C. C./KP/FP residents but non- Club members non-Club members to attend, at a higher price, space available after Club members have had a chance to sign up.

4) We have some classes that we allow non-members who live in the Sun City Center/Kings Point area to attend at the same price as Club members.

In all the above cases the non-Club member MUST live in the Sun City Center/Kings Point / FP area and show their ID to use the Club facilities.

Meeting and Lab Use

1. We allow S.C.C. /KP/FP residents but non-Club members to attend our meetings if space is available. Members may bring a guest as allowed by the CA Board Club Rules.

2. Due to the complex nature of our equipment, we allow only Club members to use our facilities.

3. Special Interest Group (SIG) attendees must be eligible for membership in the Club (ie: S.C.C. /KP/FP residents)


1. The Club shall maintain an e-mail mailing list of all members who have provided the Club with an e-mail address. Messages sent to this list shall be club related. (1/8/2019)

Gifts for Judges, Speakers, and Advisory Council

1. The President is authorized to buy dinner for members of the Advisory Panel in conjunction with Advisory Panel meetings up to 2 times a year. This authorization covers the cost of the host's meal but not his/her spouse. This authorization is limited to moderately priced restaurants, such as the Sandpiper.

2. The member hosting a non- member judge or speaker is authorized to buy dinner for the non- member judge or speaker in conjunction with the meeting at which they are judging or speaking. If the judge, or speaker, brings a spouse or other guest, the authorization is extended to that guest. This authorization covers the cost of the host's meal but not his/her spouse. This authorization is limited to moderately priced restaurants, such as the Sandpiper.

3. An Honorarium of $100 will be paid to non-member speakers and judges. If two speakers/judges come, each speaker/judge will receive the honorarium. No mileage is to be paid (Increased 2/10/2015)

These standing rules supersede all other standing rules or orders. Revised: 1/8/2019 per Board Meeting Signed: __ , Secretary

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